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Structure, History, Realizations, Goals 2006 - 2016

UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA, a non-profit organization, has a partnership with Associação Comercial de São Paulo - Distrital Centro Espaço Ecco since 2006, initiated by the former superintendent Mr. Marcelo Flora Stockler, and renewed by the current superintendent Dr. Jose Alarico Rebouças.

In the beginning, it was established that this venture would be an exposition of watercolors with art demonstrations from artists invited to participate. The organization
s staff realized that simply conducting an exhibition wasnt enough. They saw the value in providing the public with hands-on, practical activities to give attendees the basic knowledge and skills associated with painting watercolors, and from then on, experimental laboratory, workshops, consulting and talks during the period of the exposition were added to the events program. Since then, the UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA became a journey into the world of watercolors, offering the public activities relevant to the techniques of watercolors, and more than the usual art show experience.

The UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA has been working intensively to transform the
Espaço Ecco into a cultural center for the Education and Culture of art, along with others cultural activities partners of the Associacão Comercial de São Paulo - Distrital Centro, in the form of CAMPI, adult education, lectures, oratory courses, etc.

The name UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA was chosen in 2006, and since then, ownership and copyright of the project were established in 2008, and the registration of the Brand followed in 2009.

The UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA has been working to promote watercolor art inspired in the goals of the visionary Alfredo Guati Rojo, President and director of MUSEO DE LA ACUARELA - Mexico DF (whom passed away in 2003). He instituted the Dia Mundial da Aquarela, (World Wide Day of Watercolor) with the support of UNESCO, with the intention of spreading the watercolor technique and at the same time unifying the people of the planet in artistic celebration. By the city of Sao Paulo law #14.076, passed on 10/25/2005 and authorized by representative Aurelio Nomura, the World Wide Day of Watercolor has been established in the city´s calendar to be commemorated every 23rd of November.

Regina Y. Komatsu, Marilu F. Queiroz and Valdeli Ribeiro, coordinators of the Universo da Aquarela continue on with the same ideals, thoughts and objectives since 2005, when reunited to accomplish the Watercolor Project at the Burle Marx Park. They worked alongside other watercolorists and endeavored to insert in the event calendar of the Municipio of Sao Paulo (Municipal authority) the World Wide Day of Watercolor, which the objective of rescue, ad value, to divulge and share the techniques and knowledge of watercolor, to increase and enrich the curriculum of art educator at the fundamental level, to update and enhance the artist that work in this area, to inform the essences of this modality of painting to its sympathizers, beginners, and artists of other techniques, bringing light to its value.

Thought: Today we live in a globalized world where we receive information immediately after it has occurred as fact, thanks to advanced technologies. It is almost impossible to follow all this information there is no time for reflection and maturation of the meaning of the messages. People forget themselves living in a constant race, without giving any importance to quality of life;

The UNIVERSO DA AQUARELA has been working to diminish this clime of tension through the art of watercolor and show how to appreciate and value what is left of nature, to incorporate these in people daily lives, the habit of stopping, observing, and reflecting.